Harris song ‘rejected by The Saturdays’

Wednesday, August 5 2009, 10:25 BST

By David Balls, Music Reporter

Harris song 'rejected by The Saturdays'

Rex Features

Calvin Harris has revealed that he originally wrote Dizzee Rascal’s new single ‘Holiday’ for The Saturdays.

The ‘Ready For The Weekend’ star offered the song to Rascal last year after it was first rejected by the ‘Issues’ singers.

“I wrote it for The Saturdays. But they didn’t like it. Or their A&R guy didn’t like it. But Dizzee liked it,” he told The Independent. “It happens.”

The Scottish producer insisted that his reputation had improved since pairing up with Rascal on their 2008 number one ‘Dance Wiv Me’.

“The fact that the guy who did ‘Acceptable in the 80s’ did a record with Dizzee made me slightly more credible to the outsider,” he said.

“So I guess from that slightly cynical marketing point of view, that was good.”

‘Holiday’ is released on August 31.

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