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No Tour? Scratch that.

To you who don’t follow us or the girls on Twitter, We just want to tell you that Rochelle has cleared up the comment she made in the Daily Star interview. She says:

RochelleTheSats: I got quoted saying we have ruled out touring this year VERY untrue, watch this space!!!!! xx

Well fans, you can finally sleep another night! A chance for a tour this year is not completely over! Stay with The-Saturdays.Co.Uk for all news concerning you favourite girls!

Album three will be tough.

Source: Digital Spy

The Saturdays have revealed that they will find it “tough” making a third album.

The five-piece insisted that they want to release a new record every year, but are struggling to find the time in their schedule to write music.

“Most bands disappear in the studio for a couple of months and just concentrate on their new album,” the group told the Daily Star.

“We’d love to do that but it’s dead important to still be around. It means album three will be tough because we’d like to take time out this year to focus on it so we can write more of our own tracks.”

The band, who release new single ‘Ego’ today, admitted that they wanted more time to pen their own material on current album Wordshaker.

“We’d planned to do that with Wordshaker but because things were going so well we wanted to get it out quickly,” they said. “We wrote the track called ‘Deeper’ and all of our B-sides, so we’re definitely taking a step in the right direction.”

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