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The Saturdays on Big Brother, Little Brother

The Saturdays on Big Brother, Little Brother

The Saturdays performed Missing you and did an interview, and Una participated in a quiz

Performance – Missing you

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Music Video: “Undercover Lover” Featuring Frankie!

The music video “Undercover Lover”, that’s featuring Frankie, from the band Kids In Glass Houses is finally out. I watched it and it’s not the best quality (especially in the middle and the end of the songĀ it stutters a bit), but It’s the best I could find for now! If I find a better one, I’ll post it! Enjoy!!!


UPDATE: Better quality version.

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Chip Wants to Work With Sats!

Chipmunk Wants to Work With The Saturdays!

We know these acts like each other and respect (love!) each other’s work, but what if they were combined? Chipmunk, 18, told the Daily Star (according to Digital Spy) he wants to work with The Sats after beating them to #1 with “Oopsy Daisy” on Sunday (Oct. 11). “When I heard we were coming out on the same day as The Saturdays, I was nervous,” he says. “We are going to be working together – gimme one of their verses and I’m gonna kill it.” Speaking on his new notoriety as number 1, he said, “I was just not expecting this. For me, having a number one single is a turning point for rappers, rhymers, MCs in general.” His debut record, I Am Chipmunk, is now in stores. Buy it at his website here.