The girls perform at G-A-Y

Last night the girls hit the stage at London’s G-A-Y (to celebrate) their upcoming chart topper ‘What About Us’. Rochelle has confirmed that this was her last performance with the girls for a while as she prepares to give birth (so we will let her off!) you can check out a few pictures of the girls performing below, be warned, some aren’t wearing much!

Bits and bobs

Hey all! Hope everyone is well! 🙂

Just a couple of news items. Yesterday we fixed an outstanding issue with our gallery and added a bunch of new pictures from recent events, so please make sure you pop over and take a look – if you notice any other issues with the gallery please get in touch 🙂

One for those going to Scarborough, due to ‘scheduling conflicts’ the girls show there is now taking place a day earlier, on FRIDAY 23rd August. If you already have a ticket then your ticket is still valid for the show, if you cannot make it (of course you can, you might bump into us!) then you can go back to where you bought your ticket for a refund. If you still want to go there are tons of tickets over at Ticketmaster so get buying, and we will see you there (Some tickets are in Row A too!!)

The girls are also performing at London’s G-A-Y on the 23rd March, wristbands must be bought to gain entry and are available at the London club for £4.

Picture Updates – G-A-Y

The girls performed at G-A-Y the 25th of September. Many pics are added to the gallery!

(I’m a fan of the bright and happy colours, but I must say, I was a bit dissapointed in the fact that 4 of them were practicly dancing around in bra’s. They’re so good, they don’t need that 🙂 )

1_(15).jpg  1_(14).jpg  article-1315338-0B5B6BCC000005DC-626_468x594.jpg  1_(10).jpg  1_(20).jpg

I’ve added 26 images of the performance to the gallery

1_(29).jpg  1_(37).jpg  26769_2.jpg  26769_1.jpg  1_(31).jpg

Plus 30 images of the girls leaving this event

The Saturdays receive x-rated gifts from fans at G-A-Y

The Saturdays got a lot more than they bargained for when they rocked up at G-A-Y.

The girls, whose single Headlines is set to be No1 on Sunday, arrived on Harley-Davidsons but the gifts from fans weren’t for the faint-hearted.

A source said: “They often get presents, but nothing like what they saw at G-A-Y. Vanessa went bright red when she opened them.”

Don’t even ask…

Source: Mirror

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