Chelsea Lately – Interview

Last night our girls appeared on American TV for their first ever TV Interview, this took place on the E! show Chelsea Lately, you can now watch this interview below:

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Happy New Year!!

Everyone here at The Saturdays Fansite wishes every single one of our visitors a Happy New Year!!

2013 could become the ‘make or break’ year for The Saturdays (if we like it or not!) the girls will be heading back to the US to attempt to break the US market with ‘What About Us’ then heading back to the UK to re-establish themselves back in the UK after the (relative) failure of the ‘On Your Radar’ album. I’m sure that the girls management have everything planned out for their attack on the UK charts again, we all hope that the seemingly 6 month wait for the UK release of ‘What About Us’ won’t hurt the girls.

2013 does seem to be an interesting year for the girls, Rochelle and Marvin’s little-un is on the way, obviously their attack on the US with the TV Show, and of course their re-establishment back in the UK, working with super producer Rodney Jerkins (who is also rumoured to be the Exec-Producer of the new Britney album, which I’m sure Mollie is also excited for) could see the girls have a different sound to those the UK (as a whole) knows the girls for. This could be a very clever move from the girls label and management as even the most hardcore The Saturdays fan will say that they’ve not had the greatest 18 months in the UK (Tour aside!) or obviously there is the whole risk that the UK will be “wait this isn’t the group we love” and shun it. Either way its a pretty exciting time for us as fans as we finally get to hear the girls labours as we fire up the CD and dance around the bedroom!

Either way 2013 should be exciting, a time for change for everyone, including us here, so fingers crossed change in 2013 is positive one for everyone. 🙂

Have a great year TeamSats!

– The Saturdays Website Team.

Chasing The Saturdays & What About Us

@TheSaturdays have been featured on the Ryan Seacrest website, as you know he is the host of such shows such as American Idol and also has a radio show in the US, he typically seen on major US entertainment shows on hosting duties.

He has posted a clip of ‘What About Us’ on his site along with confirming that the new US TV series, ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ will premiere on Sunday 20th January 2013!

Source: Ryan Seacrest

Saturdays back to work!

It seems, after a long – deserved! – holiday for the girls @TheSaturdays are now back to some work. Their official Twitter has tweeted out a picture of Frankie today suggesting they might be either recording songs or writing some perhaps? It seems all Frankie wants to do is become a reporter for WeLovePop tho 😉 A little bit later on they tweeted this:
It was SO much fun all being back at work together today! 2012 is going to be SUCH a big year for us Sats…we can’t wait. xx

It looks very promising to me, but let’s wait and see! 🙂

The Best Of 2010: January – July

Enjoy this flip that is a compilation of moments The Saturdays have had in 2010!

[viddler id=6db1ce3&w=545&h=349]

Matt and I hope you will have a wonderful Christmas, and if you do get bored you can enjoy this flip or of course the advent calanders in the post below! 🙂

As an EXTRA Christmas treat I have managed to find all the FULL flips you have seen in the video above, go to ‘MORE’ to see them!

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