All Fired up in Manchester! 3

@thesaturdays roll up to Manchester this evening as the All Fired Up tour will play its biggest night of the tour. The (rather large) Manchester Evening News Arena is the venue tonight for THE tour of the festive season. Despite the girls not using the upper tiers tonight, this has the potential to be the biggest attended night of the tour.

To all those going have a wonderful evening, remember if you do go send us in your review, we will be posting up all the reviews this weekend, and any other bits and pieces we have missed, full service is resuming soon 🙂

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Added some more pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Headlines Signing Session in Manchester:
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Mollie leaving the Mahiki nightclub in London on the 17th August

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Update – Added some pictures of the girls arriving in LA
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Issy – despite having a break – pointed out these pictures to me so I’ve added them, Thanks Issy 🙂

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The Saturdays launch new album in Manchester

I had been expecting to celebrate with all five gorgeous girls from The Saturdays on Monday (August 16) as they launched their new album in Manchester.

But, alas, the dreaded lurgy has struck down two of their members – and the last ladies standing are hoping they don’t get it next!

The lovely Una Healy, Rochelle Wiseman and Mollie King tell me they’re stocking up on vitamins and herbal remedies in a hope to fend off the vomiting bug that has stricken Vanessa White and Frankie Sandford.

Rochelle sighed: “They’re still sick and the doctors have been trying to work out what it is. But we’re hoping they’ll be back to work soon.”

Una added: “We’ve been taking plenty of vitamins. But as soon as you know one of you is ill, you do start to think you are feeling queasy too.”

Ah well, there was certainly no signs of illness as the girls met hundreds of their adoring fans over at HMV in the Arndale Centre. More than 400 queued up to meet the pop beauties, who were signing copies of new album Headlines.

But with all this illness in the camp, they’ve not yet had chance to celebrate the launch – and also their latest single, Missing You, getting to top three in the charts. They had hoped to score their first No1, but are pleased all the same, despite being edged off the top by Flo Rida and Eminem.

Mollie said: “We never expected a No1, but in the mid-week charts we were No1 and it was a shame we were pipped at the post, but it doesn’t matter, No3 is still great.”

The Diary recalled on their last visit to Manchester, for the M.E.N. Arena’s 15th birthday bash, they’d been excited to bump into a load of the Coronation Street girls. But Rochelle revealed it was one girl in particular that had grabbed their attention.

“We love Michelle Keegan, she’s so beautiful. We were all basically perving on her that night!”

Oo ‘eck, so would the girls fancy a more permanent role on Corrie? Mollie laughed: “We’re always popping up on Corrie – our songs always seem to be playing in the background.”

Rochelle added: “We think Deirdre must be a fan – the other night she was getting mad at Ken and all you could hear in the background was us singing Just Can’t Get Enough.”

So, with an album called Headlines, The Diary couldn’t resist asking the girls what they think their headline in the M.E.N might be today.

Rochelle giggled: “Rochelle pervs at Michelle Keegan?”, although, funnily enough, they settled on: “The Saturdays bring Arndale Centre to standstill.” Hmm, stick to the day job girls…

Source: MenMedia

Dougie was there last night! And he’s been there the whole time!


See the man in the grey hoodie playing the bass towards the back? That’s no other than Dougie Poynter, bass of McFLY and boyfriend of our very own Frankie!

Since it was the last night of The Work Tour, he decided to jump on the stage and play durring “Just Can’t Get Enough.” Most of the crowd didn’t notice until he got a shout-out (It is towards the end of the video, hard to hear).

Apparently, hes been there for most of the tour with Frankie, not playing bass, but just being there.

Well Dougie, keep up the good work as a musician and as a boyfriend.

The Sats Got A New Act!

Mini Viva

Public, meet Mini Viva.

Mini Viva, meet Public.

They started on SATurday at Sheffield and will continue to the end of the tour on the 7th of July.

The group consists of Britt Love (AKA Mimi) and Frankee Connolly (AKA Viva). They hail from the Northwest (currently in Manchester) and have just shot their new music vid in Los Angeles with Ray Kay (“Poker Face”, “Beware of the Dog”).

Look out for their upcoming single “I Left My Heart in Tokyo”, released by Geffen UK.