What Are You Waiting For?


Did anyone say new single? ‘What Are You Waiting For’ will be premièring shortly and the news is starting to ramp up! Plus I’m playing catchup from everything I missed at the weekend.

The girls chat about the new single in this weeks flip. ‘What Are You Waiting For‘ is produced by the powerhouse that is Xenomania (All Fired Up, Get Ready, Get Set – need I say anymore?). If that doesn’t get you excited for this, then nothing will. I know there are clips of the song all over the Internet, we’ve had one since we posted the pictures a few weeks ago – sorry all! But thought it was best interest to keep it under wraps. Before judging it wait until it premiere’s (p.s. no we’ve not heard it!)

Lots of Interviews are sprouting up from last weeks media session, I’ll pick out the interesting bits, but please read the full interviews by hitting on the links!

In the Interview with Hit The Floor, Mollie talks about the upcoming tour and greatest hits, as always the best questions come from the fans. Key in this is that there is only expected to be ONE single from the Greatest Hits, and that (sadly) there are no plans to record the upcoming tour.

Vanessa answers some of your questions too over with an Interview with The Sprout

In the girls interview with OK Magazine, Una tells us she spends all her spare time with Aoife-Belle. Look out for our competition to win the exclusive OK Magazine with the girls on the front cover, which is only available from H Samuel stores (with a voucher!)

Mollie also attended a Esquire & DKNY MEN opening party on Sunday. I know I keep saying this but I will get around to updating the gallery and add pictures from these events! 

News Pieces – 17th September 2012

Firstly sorry for the lack of updates recently, juggling the site, University work and life can get a bit taxing at times and as you can probably understand the website comes last in that list of three so has suffered a bit recently, but here’s an update to say everything is good and well!

Tomorrow see’s my birthday .. so all gifts, cards, presents are accepted and trying to steal the limelight from that 😉 our girls are in Birmingham – on the rare occasion that I’m seemingly not there – signing copies of their new calendar! So if you are in the area make sure you pop along and mention that it’s my birthday – they should know who I am 😉 … then again …

The girls are back in the UK for a bit, catching up with friends and family, then they head back over to the US to continue to get their name out there. Still no real news when we will hear the single properly, and if we are going to have to wait until November (or so) until it appears in the UK (thinking of a early January release here ..)

Those who applied to help the site with US news, I’ve not forgotten, contact should be made at some point this week! Just been very very busy recently.

I’ll update the site soon with the latest bits and pieces, and expecting a few presents tomorrow! 😉

News Roundup – 26th July

It’s all still a bit quiet isn’t it? Here’s a round up of the news over the last few days:

Firstly it seems Alexandra Burke has let it slip that the Rochelle-Marvin wedding is due to take place over this coming weekend. More as details slip out about this little shindig! With a wedding this weekend then The Saturdays due to fly out to the USA in the middle of August will there be enough time for a new single to hit the airwaves before they fly out? Seems the timings might be a little tight but we’ll see what happens!

Mollie has been speaking to OK Magazine about Cyber-Bullies and how much they hurt. So the next time that tempting tweet or message to someone is on your finger-tips then think again before sending it!

Vanessa, Frankie and Mollie (pictured above) attended the Marie Claire September Issue Party – seems a great excuse for a party eh? Where Mollie spoke about the up-coming Rochelle Wedding to The Juice!

Una has been doing her bit for Alpro UK, in an attempt to get the UK public to start eating more plant based products (apparently) of which she did a photoshoot for them (see picture above) and she also did a couple of Twitter Q&A sessions yesterday, of which she replied to the site 🙂 – see below –

I think we all need to start packing for the beach holiday!!!

Una also appeared on BBC Radio Stoke yesterday, you can listen to the show via the BBC here

News Roundup : 4th July 2012

Happy 4th July for all our US visitors! 🙂

Here’s a round up of various news stories with The Saturdays, on the whole its quiet again, just snippets of news coming out from Una’s wedding this weekend, as Mollie attends Wimbledon with her sister and Rochelle apparently delays her honeymoon!

We start with news today that Rochelle and Marvin are to delay their honeymoon due to ‘work commitments’, Rochelle told the Daily Mirror:

“We’re going to have a honeymoon at Christmas because we have to fly straight to America to film for our reality show. Marvin and I will go away then instead as the music industry is dead around that time.”

The couple plan to spend their honeymoon in the Maldives, which is where Marvin, 27, popped the question. “It’s very special and fits in nicely!” said Rochelle, who has been dating Marvin since 2010.

I know some reports are suggesting its due to take place during the Olympics that start in a matter of weeks! The JLS tour starts late August which suggests the girls are filming their US documentary in late August/Early September so if a single is to be released before they leave they need to get a wiggle on as it only leaves 6 weeks …

Our blonde bombshell on the other hand is enjoying the single life and paid a visit to Wimbledon yesterday with her sister:

Little details have come from the weekends wedding of Una & Ben due to their exclustivity deal with a certain magazine! We know the couple had a sing along! As we know they do like a sing-along with each other 🙂 I’m sure more details will be coming soon as the magazine gets closer to hitting the shelves!

Also don’t forget the lovely Una will be on our TV screens this week! Let’s Get Gold starts on ITV this Thursday, for 3 nights. We are not sure how to get this on the site right now as its 2 shows of an hour long plus the finale on Saturday which is 90mins long! If you have any suggestions then drop us a message via twitter @TheSatsCoUk or via our Facebook page

News Roundup: 27th June 2012

It’s all a bit quiet in the world of The Saturdays isn’t it? We know the girls have been on holiday having a relaxing time – or so Frankie & Mollie have been at least! Vanessa & Rochelle have been in Africa doing their bit for Comic Relief which details are a tad sketchy right now but no doubt information will be forthcoming pretty soon we feel.

Una has obviously been looking after little baby Aoife and Internet rumours are around that she is due to get married to Ben this weekend, nothing concreate just yet so those might just be Internet whispers.

In other random news items, apparently Frankie and warned Mollie of Wayne Bridge’s Mates.

OK Magazine spoke to Mollie at the WTA event who confirmed that there is a new single ‘in a couple of months’ so we might have a little longer to wait!

Mollie also talks about her trademark pout and how it was inspired by Katie Price?! Oh dear Molls …


News Roundup: 28th May

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of news updates recently, been a little busy and enjoying the lovely weather the UK has had to offer – hope you have all been enjoying it too, and if you are currently taking exams we wish you all the very best!

First on the agenda is Mollie’s Birthday Project. For those who have noticed we joined up with the book organisers this weekend gone to see the book being made, those who follow us on twitter would have seen a sneak peak of the book. We had hoped the book was going to be mentioned in last weekends mailer but sadly it wasn’t 🙁 – but there is still time to add your page, they’ve had soo many entries that they’ve had to buy another book! Details are over on the right.

As you are well aware no doubt Rochelle and Una had her hen-do’s this weekend, there are pictures and talk all over the Internet, so rather than report on them all, we can use the girls new favourite news source of the Daily Mail who gives you a round up. If all goes to plan I’ll get some new pictures added to our gallery this evening 🙂 The Mirror reports that Jay from The Wanted had to pay to get into the club!

Una likes a bit of a party 😉 – so she also was out partying no Friday night, again the girls favourite news source the Daily Mail covers the story, once again I will attempt to get the gallery updated this evening with some pictures 🙂

Frankie is apparently ready to get married – we ask does Wayne know?

I shall update the gallery this evening with the hen pictures 🙂

News Roundup

It’s all gone a bit quiet in the new year hasn’t it? Just hope this isn’t a sign that 2012 is going to be a quiet year, as per my quick New Year post it seems 2012 could well be a quieter time for the girls musically – yes I know its only January 5th, but with marriages and babies …

Brief look around the Internet there are lots of reports that our lovely Rochelle and Marvin are planning to get married in 10 weeks time! Not hanging around then, we expect an invite in the post shortly Rochelle 😉

The other couple-to-be are seemingly planning an Irish wedding according to the Irish media. As they spent the christmas period hunting for venues! Plus over various reports seem to be reporting on Una’s toilet abilities (Is news really that slow?!)

In better news the girls play their first (and maybe last) show for a while next week as they perform at Alexendra Burke’s charity concert – the Asda Tickled Pink ‘Girls Night Out’ for the Breast Cancer charity. Although how much dancing Una will be doing is up for question, maybe they can borrow some stools and do a few acoustic numbers!

*Fingers crossed* for a new single soon, surely they will squeeze one out before Una gives birth for us dedicated members of TeamSats!

If you need a tour fix, the girls support at Oh My! ‘created’ their new music video from bits and pieces they took during the ‘All Fired Up’ tour, you can catch the video here.