Living For The Weekend – First Listen!

Remember you can listen to The Saturdays NEW ALBUM this evening at 7pm via Google+ so join in with the fun (and mayhem) as the girls preview songs from their new album, and remember if you like what you hear, get ordering!!

To get you in the mood, the first few album reviews are filtering in:

Maximum Pop:

7/10. Songs like ‘Lease My Love’ and ‘Problem With Love’ are the furthest they’ve journeyed into R&B and feels like a great continuation of the sound of ‘On Your Radar’, while ‘Leave A Light On’ is a cracking ballad and the uptempo tunes are big blasts of fun. Room for improvement, but not a bad result all round.

Female First:
4/5: There’s nothing ‘groundbreaking’ on the album – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The girls do the job they’re supposed to with hit after hit that could storm the charts if released as a single, and a ballad or two thrown in for good measure.

Good news on Disco Love too, we know that its Top 5 in the early sales, and it remains Top 5 on iTunes too. Looks like this could be a good sized hit for the girls 🙂 Keep on buying, and pre-order that album. All the links you ever need are to the right of this post >>>>>

The day after Gentleman

As expected – well as I expected anyway – today the media is full of ‘reviews’ of Gentleman and its split everyone right down the middle it seems. I won’t post links to every review out there but reviews have been really good, or really bad (Everyone has their opinion) but I can’t seem to find a ‘it’s ok’ sort of review.

CapitalFM has taken comments from online social networking and claiming its ‘pure genius’ – they also seem to be playing it a lot already, whatever you might think of Capital on a personal level its good to have one of the major UK networks (seemingly) already on board, lets hope Radio 1 join in too and get it A-Listed again!

The Sun on the other hand seem to pick out the ‘worse’ comments from social networking – which is the other end of the spectum. As I said everyone is entitled to their own opinions and a song like this will split opinions across the board.

Listen to the song below and tweet us @TheSatsCoUk and vote in our poll below (see to the right) and tell us what YOU think about this new song. Also make sure you hit up the pre-order links on the right too!

Update: Here’s Mollie on Capital the other day talking about Gentleman ahead of its premiere on CapitalFM:

[Updated] Chasing The Saturdays …

Update: Chasing The Saturdays IS available to download legally from iTunes in the USA, as expected, but as of now its only available as a season pass for $25.99 in HD and $16.99 in SD. This is a single price for ALL the episodes in the series. So say if there are 10 episodes you would be paying just $2.70 an episode in HD. Due to the show being able to purchase legally, we will respect the group and as normal we won’t put show or music which are available to buy legally on the site. Episode 1 is currently FREE on iTunes. So make sure you grab this whilst it’s free! Obviously rate it high everyone, lots of 5 star ratings 🙂 Leave a top review too 🙂

Chasing The Saturdays - iTunes USA

As you are all aware Chasing The Saturdays premiered last night on E! in the US/Canada with Episode 2 airing tonight at 10pm.

People wondering if it will be on the site or not, the simple answer to that at this stage is that there is a link to the show (which isn’t working yet) on iTunes in the US and Canada. If the show is available to buy on iTunes then we won’t be putting it on the site. The girls need all the support they can get in America and if its available to buy (Which should be $1.99 in SD and $2.99 in HD) – plus a series link no doubt – then I would rather people bought the show. It might also suggest that it might be on sale in the UK in a couple of weeks too. Again if thats the case I’d rather people bought the show. I know those outside the US/Canada/UK are now screaming at me, but if I put up a link here to ‘What About Us’ and said download it here for FREE, well you all know what would happen. Let’s see what happens today before we make a final decision. Plus at the time of this post publishing I don’t have a copy of the show I can use anyway! If you’ve not seen the show, there is a recap here

The girls UK mouthpiece – The Daily Mail – has talked about the show. They are saying that US critics having given it a mixed response – I’m not going to post the article here as its well typical DM writing, but I wouldn’t worry what the critics have to say, the group aren’t trying to publicise themselves to them!

In must better news Heat are running a competition which flys you to LA to meet the girls (so they are going back then!) the competition doesn’t actually give the dates, so that might be difficult!


Tour Section Update 2

As promised our news pages are tour spoiler free, but I just want to make people aware that we’ve updated the tour pages with reviews submitted by visitors and some reviews from the media (all of which are pretty good, have to say!) remember if you have been, please submit YOUR review of the tour and we will add it with the rest of them 🙂

Added more tour reviews

I’ve gone through a bunch of news items and added tour reviews from more venues, mostly from the media – if you have been please send in your FAN reviews – I’ll be writing up my review of the two shows I attended shortly.

Some of the London reviews are a bit wide of the mark, I’m not sure they even watched the show to be honest, and a review from Manchester I’m refusing to post on here as I’m not 100% sure the reviewer was even in the venue to watch the show as it was so inaccurate.

We also like to wish Mollie a speedy recovery 🙂 – Get well soon Mollie you are greatly missed on stage 🙂

[Updated] Headlines Tour – More details

We’ve updated our #headlinestour page with more information about the show. More information coming soon as well. For those who want to remain spoiler free I won’t post the details, but the setlist has now been added, and we are now moving onto adding information about any merchandising as well

We also want those who went to Rhyl to send in their reviews 🙂 Click the Headlines Tour icon to the right for all the information 🙂

There are also rumours flying around that the girls are planning to tour again in December, maybe a long waited Arena tour? If we find something out we’ll let  you all know 🙂

The official merchandise is now up on their site – be warned its not cheap …..

Opening Night : Reviews and Pictures 1

The @TheSaturdays #headlinestour opening night tour reviews are slowly appearing online. The first tour review seemingly goes to the Daily Mail. As some people don’t want to see spoilers before they go I won’t post the reviews directly onto this page. If you want to read what the dailymail said, pop over to our Tour Reviews page and view the pictures from the opening night here

We want your reviews too – reviews from the fans! If you where there last night, or are going tonight please submit your reviews to us. Full details can be found by clicking on the purple tour program cover to the right of this news item.