Today we reach our 9th Birthday ..

Cakes all around! The Saturdays celebrate TheSatsCoUK 9th birthday in style .. with tea and cakes!

Yes, I know, it’s a website, how can it have a birthday? Well really it can’t, but 7th April 2017 is the 9th year, lets say anniversary, of The Saturdays Fansite.

I know I post these every year, and every year it’s pretty much the same, but although updates are a lot less, and what is actually going on is a lot less, we have been around serving The Saturdays (or solo) related tidbits for 9 years. Some of you reading this have probably been coming here for 9 years, others might have just stumbled across this page today whilst searching for The Saturdays, or one of it’s members and what they might or might not be doing recently. Either way thank you for visiting, without the visitors the website would be nothing!

As always a huge thanks to everyone who invested time in this site throughout the years, no matter how large or small the involvement, it was a key involvement in creating what the site had become over the years.

Thanks to Mollie, Frankie, Una, Rochelle and Vanessa for being so supportive over the years with the site, which makes all the hard work worth it. Also thanks to Adam, Sarah, Peter and the rest of the team at Fascination who probably thought they had a break from me .. then they go manage Steps!

Hopefully the girls will continue their own solo ventures over the next 12 months so we can reach the big 10! Here’s to the next 12 months!

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Happy Birthday – to us! Seven today!

Another year goes by us, and that only means one thing, this site is celebrating its seventh birthday today! 7th April 2008 we finally went publicly live to the world, and to be fair its some feat and achievement that we are still here seven years later. (Well I think it is anyway!)

As always a shout out to everyone who has worked on the site over the years, there have been many, as I always say no matter how big or small, you all worked towards what the site has become, so I thank you all personally.

The next important people are obviously Mollie, Una, Vanessa, Frankie & Rochelle, the team at Fascination and Universal Music respectively. Without the support of the girls, their management and record label over the years we would have been unable to bring you what we have managed to do so, thank you for everything!

We would like to extended our thanks to companies who have allowed us to run competitions over the years and give away freebies to our fans! Without your support it would have cost a lot more, and maybe no competitions would have been able to have worked – from official calendars to tour meet & greets!

Finally the most important is the visitors, there are probably less of you this year visiting us on our 7th year than in years gone by, but I know some of you reading this have been here since Day 1! If you are one than really thank you, without you guys and girls visiting on a daily/weekly/monthly (whatever time frame!) basis, it wouldn’t be worth our efforts updating! So thank you! Even if this is your first visit, welcome, and thank you too!

I usually end these messages with a thought for the upcoming 12 months. Last year was difficult, but we had a tour and album coming out. This year, I would like to give some major group positive news but as we all know both Una and Mollie have said the girls are working on their own solo projects this year, so we might have some music .. but not from the group .. but who really knows right now? You can still donate and get involved in Mollie’s Birthday Book! Plus on a personal note, myself and Rosie are running 10k (6.2miles) in July for the Dyspraxia Foundation at the Great London Run, if you have a spare donation then we would be very thankful!

Either way we plan not to go anywhere, as you have read, we have ‘downsized’ the server we are on now, as we plan to stay but probably don’t need to be spending $50 a month (Yes … thats not a lie!) so now my wallet is thankful for the move, but we are fully expecting to spend the next 12 months updating, just even if the updates are on a less regular basis.

Please follow us on Twitter @TheSatsCoUk and Facebook for social media updates, which could be more regular than the website, but anything major and breaking will be posted here. The personal aim for me is to try and get at least 2-3 updates a week posted, but will depend on how quiet everything is! I like yourselves are hoping for an explosion of news and updates in the near future!

Thanks for the support!

Matt xx

Seven years and counting … The Saturdays Fansite –

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Welcome to The Saturdays Fansite

It’s been a long time coming. We’ve decided to give the site a bit of a makeover, it’s still a bit work in progress, but finding time to spend on getting everything ready has been proving difficult, working full time and living my own life, and then having to keep the site up-to-date its all a lot of time and effort, so rather than saying with the classic ‘On Your Radar’ look from several years ago we’ve gone live tonight with the new look. The new look is more dynamic than the last, so it should fill your computer screen better. It’s also a tad more dynamic for mobile devices, but we are working on a proper mobile look – many of you have noticed a slight change on that front – again this is a work in progress, changes will keep happening (and hopefully for the better!)

I will take this opportunity to thank you for visiting, be it since we launched in 2008 or if this is your first visit here. We are glad you’ve decided to visit us. I also want to personally thank Kieran (@TheSaturdaysNo1) for making the lovely banners at the top, we hope he can bring us more over the coming months 🙂 We also like to thank Manuel (@Saaaturday) for making the site logo 🙂

Apart from the layout change, nothing else is new. It’s still just me (Matt) working on the site with help from some very good friends now and again, but as cheesy as it sounds without you guys and girls visiting it’s pointless us being here!

As I promised on Twitter we are running a few competitions to celebrate the relaunch, they will be up before the weekend 🙂

PS What Are You Waiting For, and Finest Selection are out now!

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Disco Love on Stepping Out

Here it is, the moment you’ve (and I’ve) been waiting for, its the first performance of Disco Love, on the ITV1 show Stepping Out.


As always tell us what you thought of it via twitter @TheSatsCoUk, please also refrain from downloading this and reuploading it to your own accounts, there are plenty of video links and methods to use, and it’s even on our own YouTube account for you to watch it there! (Sorry Youtube have blocked it, and its a worldwide block!) If you do embed the video please link back to us

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[Update] Happy Birthday to Us! Five Today!

Update: At 4.25 this afternoon, we got a tweet from @UnaTheSats herself! Awesome. Many thanks Una 🙂


Never would I have thought from when ideas of this site where nothing but talk in late 2007, from our launch in April 2008 to this present day, I would be sitting here typing a message that was celebrating our 5th year online. Firstly just a quick thanks to the girls, their record label and management who we have development a great relationship over the years, and for their very kind message in the girls official mailer that everyone should have received yesterday in the e-mail! For those who didn’t get it, then check out the – cheeky – message they was left for us below 😉


Again, thank you all for your support, it’s made our work a little easier, and we will continue to be here to support the girls for the foreseeable future 🙂

I’ll keep this short and soppy-free but I do feel 5 years does show a lot of work, effort, dedication, and love towards the group. Updates over the past 5 years probably average around 3-4 items a week, obviously videos are very well received and take more effort, and if it wasn’t for the constant love the site gets from the visitors we would have probably stopped a long time ago.

So without sounding like a awarding winning speech, this is how it goes.

Firstly I would like to thank every single person who has worked on this site, from is conception to the present day. There has been an awful lot of you, but you know if you have helped out, in whatever way. You have helped round the site to what it is today in all your own unique ways, so thank you.

Obviously I also extend thanks out to The Saturdays, Una, Frankie, Mollie, Rochelle and Vanessa. We are sure that they poke their nose in now and then and Mollie’s mum also seems to be a fan of the site, so thank you girls for all that you do and long may it continue so that we can! Plus also thanks to the girls label and management who have been very understanding with our requests and have met a few of them, so your help has been priceless.

Last and never least, is you guys and girls. The ones reading this message now, the ones that have been visiting since day 1, or have just visited this weekend due to the mailer mention. Its you who come and look at what we post, reply to us on twitter and facebook, who make all the effort worth it. If we didn’t have any love from the people this site is aimed at, we wouldn’t have made it though five years. So I thank every single one of you, and hope you continue to promote us in your own way to friends and family who need their Saturdays fix.

Thank you one and all! Lets hope Year 6 produces the new album, a new tour and everything we can wish for, the same way Year 5 ended with the girls first UK Number One single!

Thanking you all!

– Matt xx

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Video: Surprise, Surprise

A new video! It’s been a good couple of months since we’ve been able to bring you a TV appearance from the girls! So here’s the girls long awaited appearance on ITV’s retake on the classic TV Surprise, Surprise. Remember ages ago we broke the news that the producers of the show where looking for members of TeamSats who warranted a place on the TV show, well the show has finally aired and you can view the show below, in HD of course 🙂

Again, if you want to use our video please do, vimeo has all the embed codes you will ever need, and please credit us back at

In other news, People Magazine finally published their interview with the girls, you can check it out on their website

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News Update – 24th September 2012

Hi all, just a quick update. I know site updates have been a bit slow recently this is due to having a Uni deadline (17th), my birthday (18th), a birthday weekend over this weekend in sunny Manchester plus on top of all this I’m also preparing for my exam on 16th October *panic* but now I have no coursework left to do the updates should be more regular! 🙂

Not too much to report, the girls had their book signing last week in Birmingham, those who attended seemingly had an awesome time! The girls are heading back to the USA later this week to continue their attack on the US charts and also record their ‘new sounding’ album.

Firstly, this appeared last week, this is the girls interview with Young Hollywood!

Here’s another video of the girls talking about their attempts at breaking the USA!

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Happy Birthday to me!

Yay! *parties* today is my birthday, where I am 21 yet again! *cough* So Happy Birthday me!!

Today also sees the girls doing their calendar signing in an HMV in Birmingham, sadly they will be a member down. Mollie kindly decided to come to my birthday party instead of going to the signing 😉 – no no I kid! She’s not feeling too well so isn’t travelling to Birmingham, so get well soon Mollie! 🙂

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