“Up” iTunes Report – Day1

After a whole day on iTunes, the girls have been able to catapult into the top20 at #15 on the main charts and #8 on the pop chart! Congrats to the girls and the fans, awesome job!

In the meantime, “If this is Love” manages to hold onto the #67 spot on the main charts and #23 on the pop chart! Which by the way, “If this is Love” climbed 14 places to #76 on it’s 11th week on the Official UK Singles Chart this week. Good times indeed!

Now for you fans out there worried if this is a good start or not for “Up”, let’s go back in time and you’ll find that after a full day of charting, “If this is Love” was located in the top 30 at #24. So there is definitely improvement there, again great job to the fans and of course the girls themselves for putting out such an ace single!

Check back later where I’ll make an update after Day2 and also a reminder that the physical copy is available finally!

“Up” on iTunes NOW

“Up” can now be purchased on iTunesUK! C’mon everyone, it’s time to buy, buy, buy and help the girls get another top10 hit! Just click here and you’ll be directed to the song on iTunes! Buy yourself copies, gift it to friends or other fans as early Christmas presents. And remember, the physical copy release is tomorrow!

As a sidenote, “If this is Love” is making a comeback now standing at #20 on the Pop Chart and #61 on the overall chart. Great going!

The Times: The Saturdays: Up Another scorching single from the ashes-of-S Club 8 girl group, containing one of the great chart-pop bridges of recent years.

News Round-Up

With the release of “Up” just around the corner, the girls have been doing interviews and talking with the press as part of their promotion. Here are quick bites and links to read up on the latest on the girls.

The Saturdays: X Factor girl bands can’t compare to us [inthenews.co.uk]

The Saturdays’ winning formula has already found fans in the press with Sunday Times Culture declaring them “fantastic, stroppy disco” while Popjustice hailed them as ‘very excellent’ and Perez Hilton blogged ‘pure pop heaven… our latest obsession’. read more

The Saturdays – Up [ilikemusic.com]

The storming new single Up is released through Fascination records. Once again The Saturdays deliver an addictive pop anthem with a chorus that explodes. read more

NEW RELEASES MIA, Secretsundaze, The Saturdays [londoninformer.co.uk]

REVIEW: MORE sugary pop from the latest girl band on the block, and further proof that you need more than a neon mini skirt and glossy production to shift records these days. read more

The Saturdays Open up on Playboy [thesun.co.uk]

Despite constant comparisons to GIRLS ALOUD, THE SATURDAYS deserve to be in a league of their own. Mollie, Rochelle, Frankie, Una and Vanessa are not only gorgeous, but genuine too. The quintet sizzle with chemistry and are enjoying every second of the limelight since being catapulted to fame.video of the girls’ inteview on the page read more

The Saturdays ‘Up’ Used On New Ugly Betty Commercial [angryape.com]

The Saturdays are thrilled and “honoured” that their next single ‘Up’ has been used in a U.S trailer for Ugly Betty. read more

Dance the Saturdays Way

Here it is for you dance routine lovers, the girls from The Saturdays show us the steps to their hits “Up” and “If this is Love” on the Britannia High website!

Check it out by following the link here, and in no time you’ll be strutting and working the dance floor The Saturdays way.

Here comes … Up!

As you already know (see below) Up gets its UK Radio Premiere tomorrow evening at 8.40pm on BBC Radio 1!

Even better news the video premieres on Yahoo on Monday! From the official site e-mailing:

As most of you already know the next Saturdays’ single is to be… Up! Hot on the high heels of If This Is Love, the track is another piece of uptempo first class pop set to shake up the Top 10! This Sunday Frankie will be dropping by Radio 1’s Switch show for a quick chat as well as playing Up on air for the very first time!!! You can hear the track at 8:40pm!

The girls have already shot the video and you can see the finished version on Monday exclusively at Yahoo.com! It is filmed with the same team as the If This Is Love video, so you can be sure that it will be just as hot!

Also the world premiere of the Mochelle show! Check out the videos below!

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