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The Saturdays at V 2013!

As you are no-doubt aware, our girls opened the V Festival Main Stage this year! Channel 4 have finally shown some coverage of our girls at V Festival, you can catch a performance (and Interview) of the girls below performing their number one hit ‘What About Us’

Performance – What About Us


As always, PLEASE just link to this page, or embed the video via the options available on youtube and vimeo. Plus link back to this site – www.the-saturdays.co.uk – it takes time and effort to make these videos and it’s really appreciated if you link back to us.

We will be recording more of the coverage today so hopefully a few more songs will be shown, and we will update accordingly 🙂

Disco Love!!

Hey all! Hope you are all having a wonderful August, I’ve just returned from a few days back in South Wales, very relaxing, and have returned to the news of Disco Love!



Apparently there will be FOUR different coloured covers for Disco Love, and there are some very special b-sides this time around, the girls have covered Disco classics; Evelyn King’s ‘Love Come Down’ and Donna Summer’s ‘On The Radio’, which for those of you old enough might remember Martine McCutcheon doing a cover of this in the early 00s (It went Top 10 too!). (Correct me if I’m wrong) but there is no news if the CD will be available to buy as 4 different CDs – a bit like All Fired Up came with that vinyl release – but more will be known on Monday – yes THIS Monday – where Disco Love will get its radio premiere on CapitalFM at 8.05am – don’t miss it! You will be able to pre-order the song shortly afterwards! The single is due to be released on 8th October. The song is due to get its live debut NEXT FRIDAY in Scarborough (We are going, so hopefully see some of you down there!)

The girls also are at the V Festival this weekend, we believe that the girls will get their TV coverage tomorrow on Channel4 and 4Music. Any videos will obviously be on the site to view, keep an eye on our Twitter account for the latest to when that will be available 🙂

[Updated] V Festival 2011: Performances

Here’s @thesaturdays performance at the 2011 V Festival:


PLEASE NOTE: At the start (Ego) there is an echo in the audio, I resolve this though Up – but there is a flick away from the video as I fix that –  beyond that it is all good. Maybe another copy will appear without these ‘issues’ but something is better than nothing right? Please note this is a screen recording and please treat is as one, its not meant to be HQ but it is viewable.

Update: There was another Interview with the girls, and a mini behind-the-scenes sort of video from the late night highlights show, you can view that at the bottom of the post. Sadly no additional performance as they re-showed the I Need A Dollar performance.

Videos from the Channel 4 broadcast:

I Need A Dollar / Buzzin’ (Channel 4 HD)

Interview (Channel 4 HD)


Interview & Behind The Scenes (Channel 4 HD)


V Festival: Interview

Here’s an interview with @unahealy and @frankiethesats from the V Festival:

The girls are performing today – obviously – in Essex, which is where Channel 4 have placed all the cameras for recording. There are two shows on TV today, one at 5.35pm and another at 11.40pm.

I’ve also updated our inbetweeners video post, where Una and Rochelle talk about the TV show, I think I’ve probably added another 20secs or so – if that – if you want to view that you can see the original post below.

[Updated – 2 performances added!] The girls at V Festival … In 2009!

Here’s another ‘throwback’ or ‘flashback’ from the girls at the V Festival in 2009, as mentioned they are there again today so hopefully we’ll be able to provide you with some new videos as soon as we can… However there’s plenty from 2009 I’m sure you’d love to watch back and smile at again, so here they are! There’s 3 interviews and 2 performances of “Just Can’t Get Enough” and “Work”.

See them after the break!

All Fired Up At ….

…. our secret photoshoot. @thesaturdays new Saturday morning video takes you behind the scenes of the ‘secret’ photoshoot, you can view the video – as always – over on their official website http://www.thesaturdays.co.uk

The girls are at this weekends V Festival as you are no doubt fully aware, according to the various TV Guides any showing of performances from the girls is due to be shown tomorrow rather than today, we will be recording the showings on TV and anything that does appear will be on the site asap! We’ve also re-recorded the Inbetweeners Top 10 that was on Channel4 last night, I noticed a couple of (tiny) clips that never made the original video I made, I’ll pop up a newer copy at some point today.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend 🙂

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