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@TheSaturdays chat about their new album, writing their own material and of course the upcoming tour. Just a note that this interview was released BEFORE we knew about Una’s pregnancy, however of course she’s been pregnant for some 3 months now so we should able to see a tummy anytime soon! (I’m so excited!) catch the interview below.


Here’s a smaller HD clip from the DigitalSpy YouTube Channel:

Notorious – Germany release and more …

Taken from the same DigitalSpy Interview as below, but I thought I’d bring this to the attention of our European fans …..

There is often an expectation that UK acts will try and crack the States – do you have any plans to release an album out there?

Frankie: “We still want to crack the UK even more first. We are going to start going Germany this year, so we’ll probably try out Europe first. America is that bigger step and I don’t think we really want to rush away from Britain just yet. We’ll kind of get there, when we get there.”

What are you releasing in Germany?
Una: We’re releasing ‘Notorious’ there – they don’t want to listen to our old stuff and we want to keep moving forward with the new material. ‘Notorious’ is going to be released simultaneously there as it is here.”
Frankie: “It’s going to go out all around Europe.”
Rochelle: “And that’s nice for us as well because it means we don’t to back and put those tights on again!”

Remember Notorious is OUT NOW – Click here to purchase from iTunes!
Click here to watch the debut performance of Notorious on So You Think You Can Dance!

Digitalspy Review: ”Headlines!”

“I’m doing nothing / ‘Cause then at least I’m doing nothing wrong.” A lyric which evidently doesn’t describe The Saturdays’ work ethic. Two albums, six top ten singles, their own TV show, book, jewellery line… it’s all go for Una and co. Headlines! arrives just ten months after the group’s second album, Wordshaker, failed to do the business sales-wise, despite peaking at a very respectable number nine on the charts. Abandoning their sophomore set, the ladies have instead opted to release this “mini-album” featuring tracks that they couldn’t bear to hang onto for their next full-length long-player. Was it worth the effort? Hell yes!

Sitting next to Wordshaker singles ‘Ego’ and ‘Forever Is Over’ is the eight-track set’s own trailer track, ‘Missing You’. It’s hard to knock a ballad with a dance routine and, after a few spins, its chorus implants itself in your brain no matter how much you claim to dislike it at first. However, as enjoyable as ‘Missing You’ is, after hearing several of the other newbies here it’s tough not to wonder, ‘Just who chooses this group’s lead singles?’

So, what should have launched Headlines!? Well, that would be the group’s recently confirmed next single. Move over ‘Up’, shift along ‘Ego’, for there’s a new Sats classic in town. The synth-laden ‘Higher’ has become an instant fan fave following recent live performances and, thanks to its infectious chorus and super-sassy lyrics, it’s not hard to see why. Una Healy’s middle 8 isn’t quite as thrilling on record as it is on stage, but don’t let the ill-advised use of Auto-Tune spoil this moment of close-to pop perfection.

Also nestling among the new tracks is ‘Died In Your Eyes’, originally recorded by US pop upstart Kristinia DeBarge. Though few are likely to realise that it’s a cover – poor Kristinia! – it’s a shame that one of Headlines!‘ five new songs turns out to be second-hand. That said, it’s still a decent Tedderish pop ballad with lyrics that prove The Saturdays can “do” vulnerable when they want to.

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Digitalspy Interview: Mollie

We’ll be honest with you – we were a little concerned when everything went quiet in the Saturdays camp post-‘Ego’, but with Girls Aloud on shaky ground and Sugababes M.I.A., we’re pleased to see Frankie, Mollie, Rochelle, Una and Vanessa picking up the slack. Back with the stomping electropop ballad ‘Missing You’ and mini-album Headlines!, the girls are firmly positioning themselves to pinch the crown for ‘Britain’s Top Girlband’. But first, can they score that elusive No.1 hit? We gave Mollie a call to find out if they’re feeling confident.

Are you enjoying performing the new single?
“I love this single and I love the dance routine! You know what we’re like – even though it’s a ballad we still wanted to have a dance. Thankfully it’s got a trancey beat which lends itself to a bit of a routine. We actually performed the track’s club remix on Alan Carr’s show the other day.”

Does that mean you have to do the routine faster?
“It does! It’s already quite complicated so that was… interesting! So much fun though.”

What’s the response to the single been like?
“We’re really pleased with the response it’s had. Whenever we put a single out, we get a sense in the first couple of weeks how people are responding to it, and this seems to be the best yet. The radio stations are loving it and the fans seem to be as well. It’s sort of a new direction for us, but not so much as to alienate our fans. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the album.”

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