Hey all!

As promised a bit of a mini update, not regarding The Saturdays, well okay a little news update, but more just where I stand, and the website stands as of now.

Firstly the website, there will be a few minor changes and adjustments around the place over the next couple of weeks, most will be in the background and you won’t notice any difference. The main update will be we will be shifting all of your connections to the website over to https – secure connections – this won’t affect you visiting the site, everything will remain as is, it just makes the web a little more safer for everyone!

Those visiting on mobile devices should now see the full size, our new theme automatically adjusts depending on what client you are using so we’ve disabled the full blown mobile theme. If people prefer that for mobile devices please get in contact with us!

I will be updating the gallery shortly, giving it a new look – finally – and updating it with some more recent pictures. I’ll update you all when that has happened too!

As for the group, we are still in the same situation when the tour ended, the group are officially on a break, there is no sign of group music in 2015, as for solo attempts, Mollie categorically denied to our faces on Sunday that she is going solo – make of that what you will.

I will do a proper site update with news shortly, remember to keep in touch use our social media platforms on Twitter @TheSatsCoUk and on Facebook.

Gallery Updates

As promised, I’ve got around to finally adding pictures to the gallery. I’ve added pictures from as recent as yesterday, right back until the early part of the year. Hopefully that will tie you over. You can see the main gallery buy clicking the link at the top, or here, or using the thumbnails on the right. Most of the updates have been added here and here plus there is a throwback to 2008 here, enjoy 🙂

The girls are asking YOU to vote for your favourite all time Saturdays Greatest Hit to form part of a Deluxe Greatest Hits Boxset, which includes the Greatest Hits album, a b-sides album, a DVD of all the girls video and a special song playing lanyard – which the song will appear on – so get voting, you have until Monday!

Also on Monday, the music video for What Are You Waiting For? premieres, but there is a small teaser to tie you over (they will probably release more as the weekend goes on!)

Walk with Mollie, Westfield and more

Firstly we start with the news that our very own Mollie is doing a charity auction with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London. Highest bidders will win a full half hour with their favourite dog loving celebrity, and the walks will take place in the relaxing surroundings of Battersea Park, close to the iconic south London rescue that has cared for 3.1 million dogs and cats.

All money raised is being used by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home who help thousand’s of homeless dogs and cats ever year.

You can bid on the event via the official site, as of time of posting Mollie’s 30min walk is currently standing at £510, so it’s probably out of most of our visitors reach, but I would expect Mollie’s walk to raise close to, or over £1000 🙂

The girls are performing on TV! Yes (I know!) the girls are seemingly set to perform Disco Love on the new series of The Paul O’Grady show, they are on next Monday (11th November) from 5pm. All videos will be on the site after it airs 🙂

Yesterday the girls launched their new Nokia deal. As we reported a while back, you can be in with a chance of seeing The Saturdays in a concert in February next year. There are only 20 winners, and to be in with a chance you must buy a mobile phone from the Carphone Warehouse range, including the Nokia Lumia 520. I know this has caused quite a mixed reaction within the fanbase. I’ve added a few pictures below.

Site News: I know our gallery is a mess, I have an idea to resolve it but its very time consuming, and I honestly don’t have the time to source pictures anymore along with everything else. If anyone out there wants to help and lend a hand then please contact me via e-mail on [email protected]

This and that plus vote Mollie!

To say its a tad quiet (on the news front) is an understatement right now, it’s not unexpected tho. The media are just publishing pictures of the girls as they wander around LA doing their US thing, all the pictures are being added constantly to our gallery and everytime that is updated you can find out from checking the thumbnails to the right or follow us on Twitter @TheSatsCoUk where you will be notified of the updates the second that they happen. The gallery also has an RSS feed you can subscribe to to see the updates etc. Also as I said before I work in a school so August is my summer holidays so I’ve also been taking a break from the site, luckily it has seemingly coincided with the girls going to LA so not much is being missed, unless you like pictures!

The latest rumblings from the media in the UK is all very uneventful and not really news-site-worthy unless you believe that ‘news’ is the girls posting pictures of themselves on twitter/instagram without make-up on!! I know news is slow, seriously, but journalists are being paid to write this stuff!

If you are bored, and dreading going back to school in a few weeks – or if you are in Scotland I believe you might be back this week! – make sure you vote for Mollie in the 2012 It’s Me Choice Awards. She won last year and the voting this year is a little different as you don’t have to spam twitter, you just need to fill in a form on the Dyslexia Action website. Check out our older post here on how to vote. Remember you can vote more than once and you have to do it by 26th August! 

Hopefully the girls US plans will kick into action soon so we have more exciting stuff to report! Until then keep checking out the gallery for the latest pictures of the girls out and about in the USA!

Gallery News and Updates

As it’s all going quiet in the world of The Saturdays as the girls have their well earned Christmas break, I thought I’d post a site update.

I thought I’d just update everyone on our gallery situation. We’ve decided to move away from Coppermine which was causing a number of problems in adding pictures to the site, and moved to one which is integrated into WordPress. We aren’t removing the old gallery so you can still view the pictures from that gallery, but all the new pictures are being added to the new one.

You can view both galleries from the link above, the latest pictures that we add are always viewable in the side bar to the right >>

We’ve stopped posting news items when we add gallery items, I did ask what people preferred in the chatbox, but no-one replied. If you like it when I add pictures to post something on the news then leave a comment in this news item 🙂

Talking pictures, I have added over 300 pictures in the last few days, so pop into the gallery and check them out 🙂

Also remember that if you get LOTS of new Saturdays stuff for Christmas, make sure you enter our competition. We are giving away TICKETS to the forthcoming tour, and also a MEET AND GREET package to meet the girls backstage! Don’t miss your chance to win!!! Details are above, just click the graphic 🙂

Help with the Gallery

Hello lovely fans!

As you all know I work on our gallery for almost a year now. Cause of some personal reasons I don’t have much time and energy to do it all by myself. I discussed this with Matt, and we both agreed that it would be nice if someone is gonna help me out with the gallery. That means, more pictures, more updates, more happy fans!


– You have to have a bit of experience with working on a website. (We work with WordPress, Coppermine and our pictures are all saved in the FTP.) If thats not the case, you have to be a very quick learner. Don’t worry I will explain everything you need to know!
– You need to know how to deal with negative feedback. (Not getting angry If I’m telling you you did something wrong) And be able to change your mistakes.
– You gotta know English grammar. It’s not gotta be 100% perfect, mine isn’t either. But because this website is being visited worldwide, the fans gotta be able to understand you.
– If you pick things up with the gallery quickly and we trust you enough, you will get your own acount on the site, to make your own posts. (Not news related, only gallery related!)

– You gotta be motivated and quick. If pictures appear on the internet, I post them the same day, or the day after that.

– I need to be able to trust you. Ofcourse you can go on holidays, and you don’t have to be around everyday, but disappearing for weeks without mentioning you’re away is not gonna be accepted.

I know I may sound a bit strict, but we really want the best for this site 🙂

If you’re interested in helping me out, you can send an e-mail to: [email protected]
Please make sure you name your e-mail: “Issy Gallery“, incase I’m accidently looking over your post. I will e-mail you back as soon as possible.

I’m only gonna pick one person, so if you’re really interested in helping out, make sure your e-mail stands out from the other ones! Tell me something about yourself, your age, country, and how many days a week you’re available to work with the gallery.

I hope I can find someone who wants to help me out!

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