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[EDITED] pictures – More Transformers Trust images


It looks like today is the day of the older performances. Cause again I’ve added 103 HQ images to the Transformers Trust Party performance of last week. There were already 50 in that album, so there are 153 pictures of this event now! And guess what.. tomorrow i’m gonna add even more of this performance!

Credit goes to cutiecee!



I’ve also added 12 HQ images under the appearancefolder of that night. There were 4 in it, now 16. You might think there are some of them twice but the ones that were already in the folder were MQ images

[Edited] pictures – leaving the MTV studio, and more!

I’ve added 4 images to the gallery of Una, Mollie and Frankie leaving the MTV studio on the 13th of July

I’m pretty sure more will pop on the internet sooner or later, but until now this is all I have found!

No, you’re not seeing things that aren’t actually there, the thumbnails are really appearing again!

So please click on one of them to check out the images!

satsuna.jpg  satsfrankie.jpg  una.jpg  doc.jpg



I also added 3 pictures from Una at the Transformers Trust performance on the 13th of July. There are 50 images in that folder now

party_07.jpg  party.jpg  party_06.jpg

Last but not least, I have found 4 images of the Transformers Trust gig and added them under performances.

app4.jpg  app.jpg  app2.jpg  app3.jpg

videos – fanmade Transformation Trust video’s

Fanmade video’s of yesterday’s Transformation Trust gig in the o2 showed up on youtube.


Just Can’t Get Enough


Forever is Over & Higher


Missing You




[EDITED] The girls play the O2 Arena for the Transformation Trust

Like many girl groups, bandmembers give themselves a sense of unity wearing co-ordinated costumes.

But as her Saturdays bandmates opted for matching white ribbed vests on stage at the O2 Arena in London last night, Frankie Sandford decided to upstage them with a skimpy crop top.

Clearly proud of her washboard stomach, the 21-year-old flaunted her slim figure in a loose-fitting white top, which barely covered her purple bra.

Crop trop aside, Sandford complemented her bandmates, who wore a series of colourful studded mini skirts and matching white boots.

Sandford joined Rochelle Wiseman, Una Healy and Vanessa White at last night’s gig for the Transformation Trust’s first birthday party.

However, their bandmate Mollie King missed out on the festivities because she is still recovering from a horsefly bite.

She is currently on crutches after contracting the skin infection cellulitis so have missed out on all the group’s festival gigs over the past two weeks.

Before the performance, Una tweeted fans: ‘Heading to the O2 to perform at The Transformation Trust charity gig, should be a good one!!:)

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47 images of this event are added to the gallery, please click on the picture in the article to check them out!

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