Frankie Sandford turns flat-hunting into a photo opportunity

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Smile, girls! Frankie Sandford (L) poses with two friends as they look round a flatMost people look for location, number of bedrooms, size of the garden and of course the price, when it comes to house-hunting.

But not Frankie Sandford, who decided that a flat she was looking at would make the ideal setting for an impromptu photo shoot.
The Saturdays star was out looking for a new place to live but must have got bored while looking at an apartment and whipped out her camera phone to take some snaps.

The 21-year-old posed with her friends inside the empty flat by a mirrored door but then started to lark about with the photos.
In one of the bedrooms, she and her friend had a lie-down, while in the reception area, her friend posed with one leg up on the window sill by the front door.
Frankie and her pals even got her estate agent in on the photographic fun as he posed with them in the spacious living room of the flat, believed to be in London.

He also snapped Frankie standing behind what appeared to be a frosted glass wall in the kitchen with her arms outstretched as she pressed himself against it.
Maybe he thought that if he got in on the act, there would be a nice little commission for him when his client put her deposit down.
But sadly, it appeared to be all in vain, even he probably thought that Frankie would have been quite taken with the property by that point.

But after all the messing about inside the flat, the pop star decided that she wasn’t that interested after all.
She posted the pictures she had taken on her Twitter page under the heading Photoset.
She then wrote: ‘As you can see I take grown up things like flat hunting very seriously! We even managed to get the estate agent involved!!!!!

‘After we used the flat as a studio for our photo shoot…we werent even interested…oops!’

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Saturdays singer pulls out of T4 On The Beach

Everyone is looking forward to T4 On The Beach which each year is a huge hit, but this year fans will be disappointed after Saturdays singer Mollie King has had to pull out due to injury

Mollie was rushed to hospital this week suffering from cellulitis after being bitten by a horse fly. It may sound like nothing but in reality the disease causes inflammation of the skin and has left the Saturdays singer using crutches.

Band mate Rochelle Wisemen tweeted: “Everyone please send Mollie some love, I really hope she gets well soon!! T4onthebeach isn’t gonna be right without her.

The band did not want to let down their fans and have decided to still go ahead with their performance on T4 On The Beach.

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