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Wow, I’m struggling to keep up right now are you? Amazing times right now, lots of news, lots of events, What About Us is moving (very quickly) up the iTunes charts in the USA and Canada – at time of writing this, around 9am (UK) on Wednesdaythe single is #124 on iTunes US (overall) and even more amazingly #57 on iTunes Canada (overall!) so keep buying!! any TeamSatsUSA/Canada heard it on radio yet?

The girls continue their US promo by visiting The Today Show this morning. Fingers crossed we can get a video of this one! We will keep everyone up to date on the progress on getting a video via the twitter account @TheSatsCoUk. This show airs in the morning in the US so fingers crossed someone captures it for all!

Our media pages are being updated so its easier to view the latest videos, but for now you can catch the first performance of What About Us on TV, on Jay Leno by clicking here, their interview on The Fashion Police here and more videos to come!

E! have done a little feature on the gorgeous Aoife Bell, everyone now awwwwwwwww

Chelsea Lately – Interview

Last night our girls appeared on American TV for their first ever TV Interview, this took place on the E! show Chelsea Lately, you can now watch this interview below:

Our usual video sharing rules apply. If you want to link directly to this news item then use this linkย and if you want to embed the video on your site/blog/tumblr etc then Vimeo have a raft of options on their site, and pretty please just give a link back to us ๐Ÿ™‚

Please let us know what you thought of it via Twitter and Facebook

Tour Section Update

As promised our news pages are tour spoiler free, but I just want to make people aware that we’ve updated the tour pages with reviews submitted by visitors and some reviews from the media (all of which are pretty good, have to say!) remember if you have been, please submit YOUR review of the tour and we will add it with the rest of them ๐Ÿ™‚

Interview & “Notorious” performance on Arthur’s Day

Below you can view some more videos of @TheSaturdays on Arthur’s Day in Ireland (a one-day music festival which began in 2009 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Guinness), remember we posted a video of a “Forever Is Over” performance and Interview a little while ago. Below is another Interview and a Performance of “Notorious”, in lovely HD too!


“Notorious” Performance:

credits to snoop

Media pages

Hello visitors ๐Ÿ™‚

Last night I mentioned it a bit in the chatbox, but me and Matt have reorganised the media pages and have added a few more caps to pages so you can access them all now!

So please have a look here and ”view” around ๐Ÿ™‚

In other news: we are aware of the fact the site has been very laggy, Matt is trying to work out the issue so we are hoping it’ll work lots better in the coming weeks!

Videos from the official site

Here’s a bit of a round-up of videos from the official site, we’ve decided to start adding them from now and back when the Headlines promo started.

The Power Cut
[viddler id=4f38475d&w=545&h=349]

Take Your Puppy to Work Day!
[viddler id=ae680ce4&w=545&h=345]

T4 On The Beach Preparations
[viddler id=14972829&w=545&h=349]

Dance Lesson Madness
[viddler id=de7a477e&w=545&h=345]

Bieber Fever At Sats Rehearsal
[viddler id=d516a7d2&w=545&h=345]

Media pages updated

Hello everyone! Enjoying all the news items? Well here’s another one for you… I’ve spend a few days updating the media pages with more older clips and interviews of the girls, so make sure to have a look there. Several weeks ago Matt’s also updated the pages with performances so all of them are there to watch now.

Thanks Matt and snoop for getting so many videos of The Sats to add, we owe it to them!

Video Pages

I know, I know … the video pages are a right old mess. Videos don’t work, some do, some are missing etc etc. Panic no more, I shall be spending some of my time over this coming weekend to get them up to shape and all working again, it will take some effort and will probably take most of the weekend, but I hope by Sunday – as long as you’ve not eaten all those chocolate eggs – those videos which are missing will be replaced with brand new ones that actually play when you click play (shocking I know!)

I’ll update when all the videos are back online, but if you take a sneaky look over the weekend on the media pages you will (slowly) see them all coming back to life … ๐Ÿ˜€

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